Save Money, Get Rich: Personal Finance in 5 Steps

If you find yourself reading this post, chances are you’re ready to take control of your finances once and for all. Maybe you’ve found yourself Googling phrases like, “how to manage money” or “how to learn about personal finance.” But let’s be honest, the results are overwhelming and the information available can be confusing. Don’tContinue reading “Save Money, Get Rich: Personal Finance in 5 Steps”

Allowance Experiment: Are Three-Year-Olds Too Young?

I expected a tantrum. I expected a massive, double meltdown in the toy aisle that I would have to ride out. But miraculously, that didn’t happen. What I didn’t expect was that they would still be talking about those dinos days later and asking when I would go back and buy them.

Top 7 Steps to Take When You Lose Your Job

Take a look at today’s headlines. No, really, I’ll wait. What did you see? Words like “recession” and “record-high inflation” probably jumped off the screen, creating a sinking feeling in your stomach or raising your level of anxiety. Are you worried about possible lay-offs? Are rising interest rates making the dream of home ownership seemContinue reading “Top 7 Steps to Take When You Lose Your Job”